Arabs (/ˈærəbz/; Arabic: عرب, ‘arab) are a major panethnic group whose native language is Arabic, comprising the majority of the Arab world. They primarily inhabit Western Asia, North Africa, and parts of the Horn of Africa. Before the spread of Islam, Arab referred to any of the largely nomadic Semitic tribes inhabiting the northern and central Arabian Peninsula. In modern usage Arab refers to a heterogeneous collection of Arabic-speaking peoples in the Middle East and North Africa. The ties that bind Arabs are linguistic, cultural, and political, and to a lesser extent genetic, with Arabized Arabs displaying genetic admixture from the Arabian peninsula as well as indigenous elements. As such, Arab identity is based on one or more of genealogical, linguistic or cultural grounds, although with competing identities often taking a more prominent role, based on considerations including regional, national, clan, kin, sect, and tribe affiliations and relationships. Not all people who could be considered Arab identify as such. If the Arab panethnicity is regarded as a single population, then it constitutes the world's second largest group of people after the Han Chinese.

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Travel: Abu Dhabi - state-of-the-art architecture and a centuries-old culture

Scotsman 27 Dec 2019
The striking outline of the Louvre Abu Dhabi looms into view as we approach by road – the sunlight glinting off its steel and aluminium domed roof that weighs as much as the Eiffel Tower and whose design took inspiration from cupolas seen in Arabic architecture....

Consulate in touch with woman assaulted in Sharjah

Deccan Herald 14 Nov 2019
The Sharjah police detained a man after a Bengaluru woman in the United Arab Emirates accused her husband of domestic violence on Twitter ... Some drew the attention of the Embassy of India in the United Arab Emirates and the CGI in Dubai as well as External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar....

Mumbai's cultural spaces are going suburban

Hindustan Times 08 Nov 2018
Because that’s where the numbers and the hunger for something new are. editorials Updated. Nov 08, 2018 15.49 IST Hindustan Times ... And that was the point ... What’s missing from this picture? One word ... At the Arab World Institute in Paris, short clips of drone footage combine with CGI magic to recreate the lost ruins of Palmyra, Mosul and Aleppo ... .......

Forensic report says Sridevi died of heart attack in Dubai

The Times of India 26 Feb 2018
He spoke to Dr Khalid Al Abu Raikhi ... Once this procedure is completed, the CGI Dubai will cancel the passport of Sridevi and issue a death certificate and no-objection certificate to facilitate the transporting of the body to India ... The death certificate will be issued in Arabic. The translated copy in English will be provided to the CGI, Dubai ... ....

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